Pillars Community Health is the result of the merger of Community Nurse Health Center and Pillars. Learn more about services offered by both organizations or donate to support our services using these links:

Sexual Assault

Pillars Community Health offers legal advocacy, crisis intervention, and other services for victims of sexual violence.

Sexual assault and abuse are terms that refer to sexual contact without consent. Rape, incest, attempted rape, and unwanted sexual touch are often called sexual assault. If you have experienced a sexual assault, reach out to Pillars Community Health for help using our 24-hour sexual assault hotline: 708-482-9600.

Sexual Assault Services

Pillars Community Health has provided comprehensive services to adult and child survivors of sexual abuse or sexual assault since 1982. Pillars Community Health works with seven emergency rooms, six colleges and universities, and over 30 police departments to care for victims of sexual assault.

Services are multicultural and multilingual (English, Spanish, and Arabic) and include:

  • A confidential 24-hour sexual assault hotline
  • Crisis intervention
  • Legal advocacy
  • Medical advocacy
  • Individual, group, family, and couples counseling (adults receive 10 sessions free, at which time they are asked to begin paying on a sliding fee scale based on income; children receive pro bono services)
  • Community education and prevention

Pillars Community Health also offers a Male-Allies Against Sexual Violence Initiative, which works to address entrenched male attitudes that contribute to sexual violence by cultivating “male-allies” at local universities, colleges, high schools, and organizations.

Find Help for Sexual Assault

Call our 24-hour sexual assault hotline at 708-482-9600 for assistance.

Support Victims of Sexual Assault
  • Become an advocate: Help provide volunteer medical or legal advocacy to victims of sexual violence and their families at local hospital ERs and police departments. Pillars Community Health offers several free 40-hour trainings on Sexual Assault Crisis Intervention throughout the year. Check our calendar for upcoming dates or fill out the volunteer application to show interest.
  • April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Show your support by wearing a teal ribbon throughout the month.