Pillars Community Health is the result of the merger of Community Nurse Health Center and Pillars. Learn more about services offered by both organizations or donate to support our services using these links:

Making a Referral

Pillars Community Health accepts referrals for many mental health and social services.

Anyone can contact Pillars Community Health to request services for themselves. We also accept referrals from family, friends, and community agencies such as hospitals, police departments, schools, and other providers.

In Crisis?

If you or a client are in crisis, call one of these lines:

  • 708-PILLARS: 708-745-5277 (any person can call this line and ask to speak with a crisis worker on call)
  • 24-hour domestic violence hotline: 708-995-3680
  • 24-hour sexual assault hotline: 708-482-9600
How to Make a Referral

Interested in making a referral for yourself, a friend or family member, or a community member? Here are some tips to help you make a quick and easy referral:

  1. Get familiar with Pillars Community Health. Take a look at our Services pages to learn about the types of programs we offer. You may also want to check out the Payment and Insurance page to see if your client’s payment method matches up with what we can take.
  2. Call Access and Referral. Call 708-745-5277. Let our Access and Referral team know which services you are interested in for yourself or on behalf of others. Access and Referral can forward you to the appropriate program or advise you of next steps, including what to tell the person you are referring for services.
  3. If referring someone besides yourself, have patient/client information ready. Access and Referral or the appropriate program contact will ask for the client’s name and contact information, the best time to reach the client, and your information (name, agency, contact information).
  4. If referring someone besides yourself, tell your patient/client about the referral. Case managers will make three attempts to conduct a mental health intake screening with your client. Inform your client of your referral so they can expect and respond to our calls. Pillars Community Health will then handle the client screening or redirect you/your client to the appropriate program or service, as appropriate.
  5. When in doubt, ask to speak to our director of Access and Referral. Some Pillars Community Health programs require the client to be active in our agency to access additional services. Further, some programs can only take referrals from specific referral sources. If you have any questions about your referral, call 708-745-5277 and ask to speak to the director of Access and Referral.