Pillars Community Health is the result of the merger of Community Nurse Health Center and Pillars. Learn more about services offered by both organizations or donate to support our services using these links:


Executive Staff at Pillars Community Health

President and CEO
Angela Curran, JD, LLM

Senior Executive Vice President
Helen Stewart, LCSW

Senior Vice President of Asset Management
Cathy Arhontas

Senior Vice President of Philanthropy
Linda Durkan

Senior Vice President of Organizational Health & Effectiveness
Phil Foust

Senior Vice President of Clinical Operations
Antonia Rodriguez

Senior Vice President/Chief Clinical Officer for Behavioral Health & Community-Based Services
Kerry J.F. Lusignan, AM, LCSW

Senior Vice President/Chief Medical Officer
Kisti Catalano, MD

Senior Vice President/Chief Dental Officer
Susana Torres, DDS

Pillars Community Health Board of Directors

Chair: Zada Clarke
Vice Chair: Nicholas Chancellor, DC
Vice Chair: Sheila Eswaran, MD
Treasurer: Edward Farrell
Assistant Treasurer: Mark Greifenkamp
Secretary: Annika Pangan
Bana Atassi, DDS, MS, MED
Rachel Shaw Callahan
Nina Duenas
The Hon. Russell W. Hartigan
Jennifer Hogberg
Lynn Lacey
Matthew McNaughton
Sara Mikuta, CPA
Mary Murphy, RN, MSN
Esther Nicosia
Dorothy Oviedo
Julie Porter, RN, FNP-C
Stephen J. Ryan, Jr.
Dorothy Sterling
Cindy Summers
Robert Webb